Performance Bioscience Services

Performance Bioscience is engaged in scientific consulting, research and development services relating to foods and dietary and nutritional supplements

Scientific Consulting

Performance Bioscience is a natural products scientific consulting firm offering more than 30 years of experience and solutions supporting the development and commercialization of innovative and functional products and ingredients that promote human health.

Performance Bioscience provides essential seed-to-shelf guidance covering product development, innovation, research, production, supplier verification, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. We support a range of company types and sizes, including startups, growth-stage and Fortune-50 corporations in the dietary supplement, food and beverage, and other natural product related industries.

Research & Development

The basic aim of food and supplement industry research and development (R&D) is to create new products and launch them successfully on the market. Some specific aims of strategic R&D are to: reduce costs which lowers product prices; enhance sensory properties that make products more attractive; improve nutritional value to provide for dietary needs; improve food and supplement safety; add convenience; and offer greater choices of items to consumers.

These benefits come either from constant gradual product improvement or a significant product step change. The latter usually comes from new technology—crop, ingredient, process, storage—but it can also come from a new understanding of consumer needs.